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that can be arranged | 01.18.21

i posted my first video today! the responses i got were so great and i definitely feel better about the rest of the videos here on out. anyway, onto what you’re really here for.

i had another call with simon today and it was your usual call, some more flirting though which was cute. also i found out some groundbreaking news. the issue we had that really put everything on the line is no longer an issue? he started telling me how that doesn’t matter as much. i know i’m being very vague but for privacy purposes, this is how it’s going to be. i think i still had worries in the back of my head that the issue we put on the back burner would ultimately come back to our demise once again, but now i don’t think so. and that begs the question, what’s in store in the future? i really wonder as these significant things i wanted to know all seem to resolve. we will see.

with love,


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